Reducing CO2

Determined action against climate change. We want to protect the climate and the environment with an ambitious plan to lower CO2 emissions.


We have developed a Climate Strategy which aims to halve Group companies' CO2 emissions by 2020 - whether caused by locations, transport or mobility - compared to the 2006 base year. This is to be achieved as efficiently and economically as possible.

In 2017, emissions were reduced to 171,000 tonnes from 189,000 in the previous year. Compared to the benchmark year, this represents a reduction of 42% (2016: 36 %). On one hand, this development is due to increased energy efficiency and the shift from air cargo to lower-emission sea, road and rail transport of goods procured from producing countries. On the other hand, purchases of high-quality certified green electricity by Group companies in Germany also contributed to reducing CO? emissions.?

While the Otto Group sets a clear reductions target, the Group companies implement the climate protection measures at a local level. The Group supports them in their operational implementation with measurement and control tools.

Besides activities at the Group's own 400 locations, measures to reduce CO2 emissions also encompass transport from sourcing countries directly to customers, as well as business travel and the use of company cars by the Group’s own employees.

To significantly reduce CO2 emissions at production facilities as well, in 2012 the Otto Group joined forces with seven other large German retail companies to launch the "Carbon Performance Improvement Initiative" (CPI2). The Initiative has developed an online management tool which allows factories to evaluate and control energy consumption in all company areas.?



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