Sustainability Management

Just tick the ‘eco’ box? That’s not good enough for us

It all started with planting trees, organic food and separating waste for recycling. We want more – so we go into the cotton fields and into the factories themselves.

Corporate Citizenship

Contributing voluntarily to the greater good

As a company, we are committed to forward-looking projects and initiatives that protect the environment, human rights and animals.


“Every one of us can do our bit to make sure that things in our society improve.”

Prof Dr Michael Otto, Chairman of the Otto Group Supervisory Board


Pioneer in climate and environmental protection

Pursuing business goals while preserving the planet for future generations – Prof Dr Michael Otto’s aim already 30 years ago.

Memberships & Alliances

Change through the strength of many

This conviction has led us to start many initiatives and to engage in dialogue with leading representatives of civil society, politics and business.

Working conditions

Responsibility doesn’t end at the factory gates

We are working intensively to ensure safe and fair working conditions for employees at our suppliers’ production sites.